The Yellow Dog Web Design Process

Free Consultation

1. Let’s Talk

A Free Consultation

Contact us to set up a free consultation. We can talk via phone, Skype, Facetime or if you are in the Madison WI area, we can meet face to face and develop an online strategy for your company.

Developing a Proposal

2. The Plan

Developing the Proposal

We will work up a full proposal for the site based on your input. We will provide a cost estimate, outline and schedule. This is a valuable part of the process because it assures that we understand your business needs and are all on the same page. Based on your approval of the proposal, we'll begin.

Project Plan

3. Getting Started

Establishing the Project Plan

Together we will review the roadmap for the project that will be a guide through the entire process. We’ll also establish a web hosting solution that specifically meets your company’s needs. We can communicate via phone, email, in-person meetings or via the internet.

Laying the Foundation

4. Laying the Foundation

Site Mockups & Navigation

We will develop custom mock-ups for the site based on your input. Mock-ups are graphical representations of what your site would look like. At the same time we will design the navigational system. This is the heart of your website and will determine how users will move around and find your information.

Making It Happen

5. Making It Happen

Final Website Build-Out

When we have your content and materials, we will build the site using various standards-compliant web languages tools such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. You can count on us to choose the right technology to get the job done. We will also implement SEO strategies that help get your site seen.

Launching the Site

6. Time to Go Public

Website Testing & Launch

When your site is ready, we’ll test it thoroughly. We’ll perform any remaining site revisions then launch it to the world. We can also teach you how to maintain your site, or maintain it for you and bill you on an hourly basis for maintenance services.

Let's Get Started
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