Yellow Dog Video Production: Creative Collaboration

How do you tell the world about 40 different types of Lymphoma? Poverty in Haiti? How do you idle a diesel truck to stay carbon neutral or capture the distinctive art in a music video? It’s about process. At Yellow Dog, we call it “Creative Collaboration”. Video Production is a collaborative process. Our creativity is not constrained by “styles” or video “treatment,” instead we see every client interaction as an opportunity to develop their style. Together we create fresh and powerful image-based messages that communicate your story and achieve the impact you envision. From the first “eureka” moment, to the first click of “play’ on your finished production, here is our process:

Phase 1: Discovery

In the old days, this would be called “Pre-production”. This phase is to unleash as much creative energy as possible to discover breakthrough ideas, meeting or exceeding the requirements of our clients. Components include:

  • Thoroughly understanding client needs through RFP, dialogue or other supplied data
  • Researching client’s business, completely understanding sector, products, processes
  • Phone/email exchanges to clarify requirements and begin discussion of approaches
  • (Depending on the need & complexity of the project): Conduct an on-site creative strategy session conducted by one of our facilitators.
  • Work with client staff to determine filming style and techniques used to acquire a unique story, fleshing out the story arc provided and defining a specific call to action.
  • Determine key stylistic and logistical matters: Key spokesperson(s), on-camera scripted talent/interviews, “B-Roll” needs/opportunities and shoot locations.

Phase 2: Development

This is the “Production” stage, where we translate the creativity and planning into the “art”. Our experienced producers work hard to capture the right shots with the right set-up in the right locations. Preparation and conduct of the actual video shoot becomes the centerpiece of success as we move to editing the final product. Activities conducted are:

  • Outlining the script, completing the storyboard
  • Preparing a production schedule
  • Lining up and preparing the crew
  • Securing equipment, supplies and props
  • Finalizing all shoot locations
  • Selecting wardrobes
  • Coordinating on-site shoot locations, equipment, set-ups, lighting, audio
  • Producer-directed shots taken at each location
  • Needed B-Roll taken at specific locations

Phase 3: Delivery

Delivery is the “post-production” process, taking the raw development material and finishing the story. We pull together the various development elements and assemble it into a final product. We continue creative dialogue with our clients to hone and refine the envisioned product into it’s various final forms. During delivery we:

  • Review the production timeline
  • Edit raw video footage
  • Add music, audio effects and voice over
  • Create graphics and special effects
  • Add titles and credits
  • Finalize product(s) into final forms
  • Encode the project
  • Receive approval/sign-off from client
  • Release the project for client target audience
  • Conduct post-delivery feedback on product and process
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