Frequently Asked Questions

What does a video cost?

There are so many variables that go into a video production, that a straight answer without more information wouldn't be fair to us..or you. You can pose the same question when buying a car; “What does a car cost?” How many doors? Sedan or Coupe? SUV or Cadillac? Honda or Buick? The same with video; until we dive a bit deeper; how long is the video, location of filming, amount of days we will need to film, animation or not.…all these will need to be answered, and we can help of course, before we can give you a proposed cost.

While we may be named after a dog, we do not bite. Share your budget with us, and lets see what we can do together.

Where do you film?

We have filmed literally around the corner from our office, to the bush in Africa to boardrooms in Omaha. We have filmed on trains, boats, submarines, Coast Guard helicopters and the back of moving pick-up trucks. We have filmed throughout the United States, Africa, Central America, Middle East, Europe and Canada, from warehouses to classrooms, there is no place we won't go. Well, we are not too keen about shopping malls, but, we can talk.

How long does it take to produce a video?

Production cycles could run from 2 weeks to one year. Like the cost of a film, there are variables to the time question. We don't charge extra for a “rush” video, we only want to make sure that quality is not sacrificed. Keep in mind, there is a lot of work to be done before we hit the record button. The more time we have, the more opportunity for collaboration, creativity, and refinement.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We have all the toys. In fact, we try out and test the newest gear so often, we may be getting a shelf at Amazon. We can film in 4K, (we will talk this through with you first), we have a drone, jibs, steady cam, sliders, new CCM skates (seeing if you are paying attention) lights, monitors and of course, we edit with the newest and up to date technology and software. We are fully insured and so far, we have yet to file any claims. (I know, we shouldn't have said anything.)

Who works on the videos?

The short answer is…all of us - the whole team. Along the way, you get expertise and assistance from producers, editors and a project manager. Our “Creative Collaboration” process ensures that from the project discovery phase through delivery, we are right there on the ground with you scoping and designing the project and executing timelines to completion.

How much does a web site cost?

There are quite a few factors that are going to affect the ultimate cost of your web site. These factors include how many pages you are going to have, which features are you interested in, do you want a content management system so you can update your site without having to hire a web designer, will you be selling products on your web site, the graphic work involved, and how interactive your future web site will be. Contact us for a free consultation and we can develop an estimate once we hear what you are looking for.

How long will it take for my web project to be completed?

The timescale of a website design project is often dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind we will make every effort to meet it for you. The most common delay in the creation and completion of a new website is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent to us by the client. For most projects, we try to work within the 4-9 week time-frame.

Will my website design be Search Engine friendly?

All our websites are created with search engines in mind and the website design is compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea for your website to be re-evaluated periodically as over time the search engines do alter their rules and algorithms and you will want to be certain that your website is kept up to date and complies with new rules etc.

Do I need to hire a “local” web site designer?

We create web sites for clients who are local as well all across the country. By using the Internet, email and the telephone, it is possible to communicate effectively with clients in any location.

Do you provide hosting services?

No, we are not a web hosting company. However we can help you choose the right hosting company and can set up the back-end for you. The cost of hosting and need for tech support is not covered in our costs but will be negotiated directly with your host provider.

Will my website be responsive and mobile-ready?

Your website will be built to suit your specific needs. In general, we recommend all of websites today be fully-responsive and that is our default mode of development. We will make your site work across devices.

I already have a website and I need it updated, can you help me?

Yes, we would be happy to look at your existing website and give you a quote for updating it. We can refresh your site retaining your current company style or we can totally re-design it to give you a complete new image.

I need a logo, can you help with that as well?

Yes, we can design your logo and other graphics you might need. We have the full range of graphic design expertise. We can help you create a brand strategy and develop online, print and presentation tools that effectively communicate your story and message points.

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